March 30th, 2012



Elsa is up cuddling with Jake for a while this morning while coffee brews, and I'm poking at my email and trying to make some progress on all the various emergencies stacked up there. I got amazingly good sleep last night - it may be kind of sad that I'm excited about getting more than an hour and a half in a row, and a whopping seven hours for the whole night put together.

Elsa is a joy. She is much more happy than not, and is remarkably compliant about all kinds of baby-tortures, like diaper changing and tummy time (both of which she seems to actually like...). She's started smiling and giggling, and can reliably find her own fist to suck on now. Her head control is pretty remarkable. We've got nursing down to a pretty solid art, and I'm getting better at one-handed everything. The nursery has been refined to make easy single-finger iPad operation - I've got it set up so I can watch Netflix on my iHome with minimal effort, and have already re-watched all of Avatar; the Last Airbender. (The GOOD A;tlA, not the travesty of a movie.) I've been taking photos like mad, but haven't had time to process and post them. At some point, there will be a photodump.

I unfortunately don't get to sleep every time she does - our plans have gone slightly sideways with Jake's kidney stone, and he's got his third surgery in three weeks coming up. He can't drive on his meds, so I've had to play driver to all the labs and doctors appointments, plus getting water and doing the running around. It's good practice in packing up a baby, at least, and I've definitely cut down my 'prep to leave' time and gotten deft at wrestling diaper bag and carseat. It would be easier if I were in better shape - I have a fractured or dislocated tailbone (an appointment next week to determine which and hopefully help, because holy MOTHER, it hurts) along with my other postpartum indignities and the lack of brain. I don't know what I would have done without Jake - even not driving, he is doing all the cooking and cleaning, and makes sure I eat and sleep enough. It's definitely a tag-team effort right now.

Norway has settled down to the idea of a new housemate that sounds like a squeak-toy, and although he is definitely still interested, is not pushy or anxious about it anymore (he was at first). Operation fatcat is a serious success. Velcro used to meow at night, and be on a strict diet, but we decided to try her on unlimited food, and she LOVES it. She is the happiest cat ever, and thinks the addition of the baby to the house is a great thing, if this is its side affect. She purrs at the drop of a hat, is openly affectionate to both of us, and her nocturnal meowing has vanished. She is definitely heftier to lift, but hasn't turned fully into a sphere, yet.

Off to trade a cup of coffee for my daughter... she's starting to fuss!