January 31st, 2012

ellen with wrench

To do before Guppy/Elsa/Monkeys get here...

Another chilly morning. Guppy/Elsa/Monkeys are doing great in there. Fatigue is less in the mornings, so I'm hopeful to get some Stuff Done.

One list to rule them all!

(It is Not Good that I can cross nothing off of this yet...)

  • Taxes!! (drafted and estimated and sorted, just need to fill out the forms)
  • SE site - good start
  • JH site - some start
  • WS site - some start
  • Dryer outlet
  • Paint bathroom floor
  • Finish bathroom. (UGH. Because I am so not up to dealing with sheetrock now!)
  • Finish Skycats picture
  • Kaz art trade (whyyyyy did I sign up?)
  • Big print order - started
  • Little print orders - started
  • 4 abstracts (holy heck, I still haven't done those? Where is my BRAIN?)
  • Torn World stories: Finish Rails? (unlikely, actually - there's a lot of story left there...), Finish Meetings storyline (equally unlikely). But some progress would be awesome. Oh, hey, some has been made!
  • Security hash for various EMG sites. - figured out how to do it, just need to implement.

    And a shorter list, just for today:

  • Post something for TW
  • Take ashes out (woodstove cooling now)
  • Work on print order (10 prints!)
  • Paint abstracts/skycat
  • Test security hash - consulted with guru
  • Progress on WS site - finalize layout - progress made!
  • Eat, drink, rest
  • CALL MY MOTHER - talked to Dad for a while, not my fault she wasn't there! :P
  • Inbox to 250 (at 285 now) 245!
  • Pay bills
  • Prep for EMG-Zine - art is done, just need news. Also, email Annie.
  • nanowrimo

    Sans lap.

    Art right now is very frustrating.

    Beyond the general muse and brain malaise, I have no lap to sketch in, and I didn't realize how much I used it. Regular chairs, to sit at the table are decidedly not comfortable right now, and I can't sit close enough to the table to use them correctly anyway.

    I have found a position of comfort in my fabulous awesome recliner - stuff a pillow under my knees and tip back and I can stay there all day if I'm foolish enough to let myself (which is way too easy, because it is relatively hard to get UP from this position). I can use my laptop on my legs, though I can't see past the belly to the nearest bits of my laptop (I touch-type, so visibility isn't a problem - and is probably one reason that typing on the iPad is so hard for me).

    So, I can do a little writing, pokey bit by pokey bit. I got an article written up for Torn World today, and I've gotten a thousand words or so on the Rails storyline in the last week (not, you know, and AMAZING wordcount, but it's words. On a page). I can do some programming, fortunately, and emails.

    But I have PICTURE ideas I want to work on. I did some sketching over the weekend, and it was awkward - I stopped long before I felt finished, and couldn't get a comfortable working position going on; the sketchbook digs into my belly, or wobbles on top of it (even when Elsa isn't adding percussion to the mix), or slides off the side, or I have to crook my arm so awkwardly it won't do what I want. Add to this the fact that my fingers are all fat and sausage-y, and even slightly achy... art is hard to do right now. Very frustrating.