January 26th, 2012



Uploading of all things has been fix0red!

(A /tmp folder on my server had gotten filled up and it was refusing additional files.)

My Dr appointment for the day has been rescheduled for tomorrow... right after arranging my entire day's schedule around it today. *facepalm* Trying to reorganize things now! Tomorrow is a lot less convenient, too, since I'll probably be carpooling if it gets cold again like it's supposed to. Hmph. Maybe I'll re-reschedule for Monday, when it's supposed to be warmer.

Today's goals:

  • Laundry (ready to hang up!)
  • Fire
  • Pick up carseat cover
  • Gym
  • PO - several packages to pick up, a few to mail.
  • Prints/artwork - at least two of the several orders I'm working on... - just 2.
  • Order coloring books/invoice client
  • Put Dr's name and contact number in my phone.
  • Eat, drink, rest!

    Portrait Adoption progress:

    8 / 12 portraits by Feb 1. 75% to earning an artist watch feature!
  • happy bubble fairy

    There is sunlight in my heart!

    There is no sunlight on our land right now. We face west, just over the north side of a hill, and for several months, brief daylight is a bright sky with no sun. I never notice when it leaves... in early December, perhaps? Late November? It doesn't return until the middle of February. It touches the very tips of the tall trees, first, then creeps down them, day by day. The first day it shines in the upstairs windows is a miracle. I always stare at it in wonder, though I know you're not supposed to.

    There is no sunlight on our land right now, but there is sunshine in my heart.

    Look what I got today!

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