January 16th, 2012

big damn wrench

Mondaily still on vacation, but with lots of thoughts and stories...

Slept in again today, and had one brief nap, but feeling in general much better rested than I have in a week or more. The head crud has mostly cleared up and the cough is rare. I helped Jake take a load of trash in, go shopping and get water, which didn't completely flatten me, and I even grabbed a few loads of wood and cut his hair later. It may be too soon to say for sure, but I'm feeling nearly cured. Opinions are returning! And creative juices!

I'm of very mixed feelings about the proposed SOPA blackout on Wednesday. On one hand, yay solidarity! Down with government sticking its nose where it doesn't belong!

On the other hand, the sites I've been reading about it smack of 'repost this to your Facebook page if you love me and then I'll know who my real friends are. 99% of you won't do it. Are you the 1% that actually care about me?'

(Which, seriously... passive aggressive much?)

So... I'm not sure. Might be participating. Might not.

Going to go write something now. Not sure what yet... it might be fanfiction. The revitalization of Kadanzer has me sighing over Resla and poking at some of her missing backstory. (Also, the romantic in me still wants her together with D'zan...)

Today's funny life story: Jake was putting wood in the stove. Lots of wood.

Me: You don't have to fill the WHOLE thing with wood, you know. It just makes it 80 degrees in here and no one can wear clothing.
Jake: You begin to understand my nefarious plot...

ETA: Also, 52 below is TOO cold.