January 10th, 2012



As soon as the water delivery gets here, I'm out for a nap.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning - all went fine there.

Went the gym, afterwards. Exhausting, but felt good. I haven't been in almost two weeks, but can still lift the same weights and reps as usual, which is reassuring. I feel... erm... obvious and awkward, but other members of the gym seem good about politely ignoring each other. I did strike up a brief conversation in the dressing room with another pregnant lady who is due a week or two before me. She made a noise of surprise when I said 'end of February,' and I wasn't sure what that meant. Possibly, I look further along than I am, because I'm so otherwise scrawny.

In business-y things, I finished the publication/credits integration, and did artist-pay for the end of 2011. Horrah! It seems to work correctly and will be nice for artists who like to track what sold when. Going forward, I will be logging sales as they occur, rather than doing a chunk at once. This will be nice for artists, too!

Laundry to fold and hang now, and some cleaning to do. The fire is full, the house is warm. Hurry up, water delivery, I'm looking forward to my nap!

Have a funny short interlude from my life before I go:

Jake (in some alarm): What's coming out of your bellybutton?!
Me (inspecting the smudge on my shirt): Chocolate powder!

We agreed that would be very cool, if it actually worked that way.