January 5th, 2012

no!, just

Oh, Irony...

So, here I am... 8 months pregnant. 30 below zero. And I'm back to an outhouse.

It is not, THANK GOD, the septic system, just a mundane mystery clog in the toilet. Everything else is draining just fine. Toilet auger being fetched from town now.

The path to the outhouse has not been cleared in several years, and has TOTALLY been booby-trapped by brush and building supplies. A sheet of metal siding had fallen over and been snowed into invisibility right over the path - I slipped and fell on it on my way down this morning. Fortunately, there's enough snow that it wasn't more than a startled 'pff!' and a lot of snow down my boots. It doesn't feel like I did any bad twisting.

So. ARGH. Just, ARGH.

How's your day going?