December 28th, 2011

ellen with wrench

Looking back at 2011...

2011 began... badly. 2010 was really hard, and a car accident late that year rattled loose a lot of old skeletons in my closet. I lost two friends in two weeks around Christmas, and in January, I was in weekly therapy trying to come to grips with my entire life. My primary stated goal for 2011 was:

My first, primary and most important goal for 2011 is to be happy. To make progress on me, and my mental state, to prioritize my various commitments and balance my life between business and creative energy and family and self. Balance is important, and I feel like I spun my wheels an awful lot in 2010 because I didn't have that.

It took until the end of March before I felt ready to move on, and the therapy was grueling, but necessary. I found myself again, and yes, was happy again. In that, 2011 can be nothing less than a resounding success.

I also made a few more specific goals: Collapse )

In all? I'd say I got a B. Maybe a B+. Not shabby, but could use some improvement.

I did feel generally less scattered, and spent some good time on many of my various projects and creative pursuits. Let's look in some detail... Collapse )

Seriously that last one is pretty major, and took up more than half my year. I still have trouble believing it, even when I look down and my huge, bellybutton-less stomach is doing a weird alien belly-wave. I'm growing a baby in there. It is so surreal and life-changing that I can hardly believe it. Of all the things I got done this year, this is the one that intimidates and awes me the most. I can't wait to meet my little Elsa-Guppy.

(20 week ultrasound)

I suspect my 2012 goals will largely revolve around MAKE BABY and SLAVE TO BABY, but I will try to put together something a little more coherent and comprehensive a little later. :)