December 14th, 2011


Wednesdaily plan

I slept late this morning, after being up a little late with heartburn, and feel a little off-balance for the shift in my schedule. Otherwise, feeling not bad. Many things to try to accomplish today:

  • Post something for Torn World
  • Laundry - in the washer now
  • FINISH abstracts - almost there! REALLY! But just not enough time today, unless I put in some time tonight.
  • Update EMG-Zine campaign
  • Catboxes
  • shower
  • nap
  • lunch
  • Vacuum
  • Pack up box for parents
  • Something art-y or write-y. Anything. SRSLY. - finished a story!
  • Order coloring books. Seriously, when Amazon is telling you 'customers want this book and no one has it in stock right now,' you should probably stock the darned book.
  • Upload print files for DH - grinding now!
  • Dishes
  • Clean toilet
  • emgzine

    EMG-Zine fundraising update!

    We are at 91%, thanks to an amazingly generous donation I got last night! Just $82 left to go!

    If we make it before Christmas, I have an amazing surprise in store for you guys... one I've been figuring out how to make happen for about a while now!

    While we're on the topic, be sure to direct your art questions to 'Ask an Artist', here: and collect up your steampunk artwork, fiction and poetry to submit before Jan 1! (I KNOW a bunch of you have work on this topic! Get it submitted!)

    $818.00 of $900.00 earned! 91% there! If we haven't made this goal, the June 2012 issue will be our last!

    Click for more information about supporting, donating or purchasing anthologies!

    *goes to cross something off my list...*
    Are You Sure?

    Woah! (Factory Moments)

    Woah. So that's what a Braxton-Hicks contraction feels like! As advertised, it isn't painful, and it doesn't last long, but what a weird sensation. I thought it was just Guppy putting a foot against a nerve at first, but it was sort of... broad numbness? and when I poked my stomach, it was like I was in the middle of doing a crunch, all bunched up hard.


    Guppy was giving a particularly vigorous squirm, and I'm looking at my stomach in awe. "I think there was like an inch of elevation difference, just then," I said to Jake.

    Jake made a scoffing noise, then she did it again. "Woah!" O.O (<- with a face just like that.)

    Me: "I told you!"

    Jake (feigning nonchalance): "I didn't see anything..."

    Not exactly feeling ready for things right now... about to start researching carseats, since that's a fairly important thing to have at the beginning.