November 29th, 2011


Tuesdaily with an axe in hand.

After this weekend's flop of a Muse Fusion, I'm asking hard Torn World questions at the forum:

In fact, it's getting near that time when I need to sit down with the Master Chopping Block list I made last year, and consider some of those projects that were in danger at that point, and do a general status update. I intend to get rid of as much dead weight as possible before next year.

In the not-dead-weight category, there is a Sketch Fest this Friday!

I get the fun and excitement of a doctor's appointment and glucose test today! Please cross your fingers for no gestational diabetes. I'd really like to not have that. Guppy has been acting healthy, I've been somewhat fatigued but not bad, and having bras that actually fit has done wonders for my 'feeling pinched' complaint. I've been a little morose over the last few weeks - we're down to 5 hours of daylight, and I've been taking the time to sit in front of the happy light for a while each morning the past two days.

Stalled out on NotNoWriMo, though I've got one more day to pull out three stories, and I did get about 200 words and an outline done yesterday. Maybe after the doctor's appointment? Shower and snack now, and I've got programming to tackle.