November 17th, 2011


Thursdaily with more brrrr and skykittens and stories and such.

34 below, today! I'm loving it. Nothing is as cozy as being warm at home, knowing it's that temperature outside. I'm guessing dance class is cancelled for the day, as it's 39 below at the airport, and the cut-off policy is 35 below. I'll have to get out for a brisk walk, or do some home aerobics of some kind; I'm not really interested in running my car to go to the gym in these temperatures if I don't have to.

NotNoWriMo progress: I finished Derailed, though it is quite short - really not much more than a bridging scene between bits.

3/10 stories finished!

I also did some minor edits on The Secret Scroll and submitted it to the canon board, but I didn't feel like that was enough work to declare as part of my total.

Art progress. I was quite pouty when no one commented on the artwork I posted in my last entry, then discovered that the links were blocked from the PA site (as they should be!), then felt even poutier because no one had bothered to TELL me they were broken (fixed now), and a measly 12 people had voted in my NotNoWriMo and Torn World poll. Then I kicked myself a bit, because comments on LJ totally go in waves and it's a general down-cycle and I shouldn't take it personally (besides, I suck at it, myself), and I don't want to be one of those people who judge myself by how many pats and 'repost this if you loooooove me's I get. So then I went off and took a long hot shower, had dessert, and felt much better.

I also scanned the ink version of the Skykittens piece, and printed it out to do a color version!

You may sponsor 15 more minutes of work on this for $5.00. The person who sponsors the most receives the original, worldwide shipping included. (By random draw, if there is a tie) And, Torn World members may also sponsor using credits: 1 credit is 3 minutes. :) (5 credits/dollars is 15 minutes, 10 credits/dollars is 30 minutes, etc.) Current high sponsorship is $20! So far, it has received enough to get simplified coloring. All donors will receive an ACEO print of the finished piece.

Update: Current high sponsor is $40, second sponsor is at $20! There are actually two originals for this piece - the high sponsor will get their choice of the color or ink original, and the second highest sponsor will get the other (plus a print). We've got enough now to get it to a medium-detailed level of color!

The factory is still whirring along, with much kicking and wiggling. I do have a weird spot, maybe 2 inches in diameter, at the top of my belly and slightly to the right that alternates between a mild burning, tingling like mad, and completely numb. This is, according to my doctor, entirely normal. It may even be several months after birth before it returns to full feeling. Have I mentioned that being pregnant is WEIRD?

A snack and programming now. Maybe some more writing later, and hopefully coloring on Skykitties.

Also, I covet these gorgeous earrings.