November 14th, 2011


Mondaily with new Torn World feature, art and other various goodies

I have new artwork up at Torn World:

And, while I was putting it up, I paused to code in related artwork to the article documents. As artwork is tagged to articles (a new feature as of last month, so pieces are slowly being added), they will automatically show up on the reference article pages. Non-registered readers get one random piece, registered readers get to see all of them at the bottom of the article, as well. (Registration is free! It gets you all kinds of extra awesome access to the site!)

I also finished three portraits this weekend (from various Sketch Fest starts), but they are still reserved for registered customers at Portrait Adoption... you shall have to wait another day before I post them.

I am looking sideways at the code for PA, and have come up with two major improvements I'd like to implement before Christmas: watchlists and wishlist counts. Neither should be that difficult to add.

Astonishingly, I received notice today that my re-order of coloring books just shipped! I am floored by this turnaround, and should have stock again sooner than I expected. :) I have done a LOT of printing business with a number of different companies over the years... most of my blog entries about it are tagged with things like $%^&*! and 'rant', but I've been really happy with Ka-Blam. Goofy name, and NOT the swiftest turnaround, but quality work, they generally MAKE the deadlines they set, and they are super friendly and professional to work with. Also, they have not accused me of being crazy on a public forum or gone out of business (or simply disappeared from existence) before delivering my copies. I've been getting my coloring books, as well as the Torn World anthologies, from them for, gosh... five years now? Thumbs up.

I got orders and prints and adoptions out this morning, a big pile of them, including the LAST of the Pathfinders deck. I never thought I'd sell out of those! I maaaay have one more deck in a show box, but we'll see. I'm wait-listed for a show the weekend after Thanksgiving - and unlikely to know if I'm in or not until early that morning.

Lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup with Maui onion chips and pickles.

I also chopped wood and made a delicious fire, shoveled the porch, bread is rising, and I've cleaned up the house a bit. As soon as I'm done blogging (and catching my breath), I have a little more cleaning to do (dishes and vacuuming... maaaaybe laundry), and some trim. There are EIGHT pieces of trim left to put up in the nursery, and I want to be done with it. Every time I think I'm nearly there, I remember something I've forgotten. Like putting in the door, and then realizing I have to install the hardware for it, too (done). Or putting up the trim, and remembering that I still have to caulk all the joints and do touch-up paint. Or getting the curtains hung and realizing that these windows really DO need two curtains apiece (moooore curtains on order now... and ironing really did help them, so I'll do that again).

Jake is sending me photos he took of me at the gym today. He says I am not longer 'just a little' pregnant. If they are not cringe-worthy, I will share them. :P

Guppy is still making up for her quiet day Friday, kicking and wiggling like anything every time I sit down for a breather.

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