November 11th, 2011

enough time

No sketching for me yet...

... but some of the nursery trim is up, and the curtains are hung!! We're about to tackle the door next, which will allow all the final pieces of trim (FINALLY). I'm hoping for sketching time tonight after dinner.
working hard

Being pregnant is WEIRD.

What remains of my belly button is currently going *bloop* *bloop!*

Just as Mom-friends warned me, Guppy can be sporadic; last night she was suspiciously quiet, and this morning, was again very still, with just a few teeny little wiggles that set loose the inevitable 'What if something's WRONG' worry gland. Cold water didn't invigorate her. A snack didn't set her off. The day stretched on and knocking on my belly didn't seem to get an answer. I put up trim and installed curtains and tried not to worry. I bleached the window frames in the nursery and melted the ice that had gotten stuck in the opening with a hairdryer and tried not to think about it too hard. Hadn't she kicked during the night? Had I dreamt that? We installed half of the door in the nursery. When WAS the last time I really felt her?

And tonight, sitting down to do some sketches at last, she woke up, and is making up for lost cardio time by going through some kind of extensive aerobics routine in there. It tickles.

Being pregnant? Is weird.