November 4th, 2011


Fridaily with faceplant.

Today is the last day for the EMG-Zine Abstract Fundraiser!

Remember that you can pledge spend-only EMG credits towards this, if you've earned them from writing articles, etc.

Coloring books were in stock for a short while this morning, and have largely been snapped up! I do still have stock of the new Torn World coloring book! I was very stompy to discover that one of the titles was printed double-sided, so I'm having to restock those, as well as do a massive re-order of most of my other titles.

Today's list:

  • Bills
  • Figure out wiring for the dryer
  • coloring book pre-orders
  • emails - some are done...
  • Prep for Sunday show
  • dishes

    Yesterday I gym-ed AND danced (ALL slow at bellydance), so my muscles are all sore and achy today. Fortunately, it's warm enough I don't need to chop any wood, because I would totally play the pregnant card and whine my way out of that one...

    Sketch Fest November will be NEXT weekend!
  • fairysquash

    Abstracts update

    We're just $9 from a drawing for a coloring book! $35 after that, I'll be doing another free prompting window... it was supposed to be today, but we're getting late and I have evening plans: if we hit that goal by the end of the day, I'll schedule one for next week.

    We've already made the benchmark past the next print drawing! Congratulations to Minor-architect!