November 1st, 2011


Tuesdaily with zzz... NotNoWriMo progress and factory update.

I finished City of Lights, pt 3, horrah! It's been a serious slog on this one, and I suspect I will have a solid round of edits to do on it, but a draft is done at LAST! I just need to plug in two random names and send this off for character approvals. *celebrates*

Slept poorly last night; I think the factory is going through an awkward stage, and certainly Guppy's kicking is gaining more reach: I can feel pressure on one side and strong tap-taps on the opposite as she stretches out in there. Jake did finally get to feel our stubborn girl - she gave him a good kick the other day. He was duly impressed, and has decided I'm not just making the whole thing up.

I made it to the gym this morning, which felt excellent and has my energy back up (and apparently Guppy's, too... it's tickly inside!).

Shower now, then some more writing. Though I'm not doing NaNoWriMo, I do have a laundry list of stories I'm going to shoot for finishing. The wordcount isn't as important to me as the storycount. I would like to make an official goal of 10 stories - finished. (They can be in-progress pieces, so I'm not REALLY expecting a completely new story every 3 days...) So far, 1/10 done! My next to tackle is the next Rails story, then the next Out of Steam sequel. I can do it! Ra! Ra!

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