October 21st, 2011



Dear self... I do not need an adorable teeny infant halloween costume. No matter how teeny and adorable it is.

I have, somehow, avoided buying anything for Guppy yet; we've gotten a number of hand-me-downs already, and my sister-in-law has been sending up boxes of awesome second-hand flea market finds, so unless you count drywall and room trim and curtains and such, I have been extremely good about not giving in to the urge to SPEND.

Sketch Fest is today! I will not be around at the exact moment it opens, so let's hope I can work any bugs beforehand, and the script does as it's supposed to, etc. I am looking forward to sketching, and Jake has a hockey game, so I will have the WHOLE evening of the house to myself. I plan to crank up the music and crack open my new paints. Whee!

Before that, I have to do more drywall (I'd LOVE to get it primed, textured and painted this weekend), and go to the gym. I think part of my blah mood yesterday was lack of exercise/being cooped up inside... I felt significantly better after dance class last night.

Still no photos of visitor fox. The camera did get shots of Norway when I let him out last night, so I'm again suspecting that he just didn't show up. Battery power still lists at 99%.

Now, some programming on Sketch Fest - there were a few bugs with the nickname system that I want to fix...

Quick list of things to do:

Fix up Sketch Fest site
Breakfast (burnt my first one... doh!)
Drywall layer
Orders - 2 prints, PA adoption, calendar
In town:
  • Straw for dog
  • Texture spray
  • Groceries (oil spray, coffee)
  • gym
  • Mail packages

Sketch Fest! Go prompt!

Join us at Sketch Fest! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/index.php

I've done three paintings and two sketches so far... Super Guppy is my favorite so far. :)


Dinner was spaghetti with leftover roast and various vegetables, mmm. And sinful, delicious brownie bites that I failed to resist. They were on sale! I have sanded and drywalled, and cleaned, though I still have dinner dishes to wash, and watched about a dozen episodes of StarGate SG-1 (I can have them on while I work, because I'm familiar enough with them), and packed up part of the bale of straw that I got, and spread the rest in the dog house. Chopped wood and made a fire, that I almost let go out while painting. Whoops!

I am still loving acrylics, but I have so much to learn still! I like being able to do these fast pieces in color.

Tired. Rambling. Too early for bed, rats!