October 6th, 2011

let down hair

I need a factory icon...

I expected a rather gradual transition from my lingering feelings of 'not really feeling pregnant' into 'actually pregnant.'

Instead, I got about two days. In just those days, I've gone from 'maybe showing in the right shirts' to 'look out for the belly!' I've rather suddenly developed trouble standing up and bending over, my balance is shot, and guppy has taken to doing acrobatics inside every time I sit down. Or stand still. Or cough. Or laugh.

It's pretty thrilling, but it also scares me. I'm only halfway there! I have another 20 weeks of expansion! Where is it going to GO? How am I going to remain mobile?!

I get the Big Ultrasound today, in just a few hours, crossing fingers. (They warned me yesterday that they were having trouble with their equipment and might have to reschedule.) We are so, so, so excited for it.

More daily news later. Coding now, and some food.
cat in hat

Guppy is a girl!

She's got all the required limbs and organs, and weighs about 8 oz so far! She had hiccups during the ultrasound and was highly uncooperative for most of the endeavor.

I am all worn out and feeling totally overwhelmed, happy, giddy and dazed. Also, my neck hurts from craning to see the screen. My solution is to work on programming for a while.