September 14th, 2011


Wednesdaily with new art!

If you are logged in at Portrait Adoption (the same as an EMG-Zine reader account, btw!), you can snag this lovely (but dangerous!) lady right now by clicking the picture! She is otherwise hidden from public view for 48 hours. (Though this feature may be getting a major overhaul... I am plotting many awesome PA improvements as we speak...)

I got two coloring books laid out this morning (one RE-laid out, because I am a dork), and I'm about halfway through the third.

1000 word-ish written on the next installment of Rails, to follow the story coming out on Friday. This one has been FUN to write. And I've posted a collaboration with wyld_dandelyon to the Torn World canon board.


Coloring book progress

Two coloring books (Mitzi's and Robin's) are uploaded to the printer. The Torn World coloring book is almost together... It's more complex than most of them because it's got a few pages with text, and it also flips directions in the middle, so it's not entirely straight-forward. Taking my time and making it look goooood. I should be able to order proofs tomorrow, which means pre-orders in 3 weeks and stock in 3 more. (crossing fingers for no changes...)

Also made stewed chicken today in the pressure cooker, and should have delicious bacon-chicken sandwiches tonight. Mmmmmm...

Now I'm going to go roll around on my carpet for a while and then watch some Netflix.