September 11th, 2011

cat in hat

Happy Sunday!

Went to church early this morning to listen to my sister in the bell choir... and missed her performance by 4 minutes. Fortunately, they decided to hold a practice right after the service, so I got a second chance to hear their song without waiting the several hours to the second service.

We got trim and closet shelf parts yesterday, which will be painted and installed today, respectively. This means sawhorses and paint in my kitchen, but only for a limited time.

I also made a list of stories I want to finish for plots-in-progress at Torn World, and I'm awfully excited to work on them. I may do a modified NaNo this November to write some of the stories I want to. I really want a solid backlog of stories for the early baby months.

Sketch Fest was awesome. We beat our last record for sketches, by a landslide! I got five done, personally, which is not an awesome count, but I'm really happy with the results: My first and last are my favorites.

There were several bugs, mostly centered around the nickname adjustments, but I've fixed most of them already. With that many changes, it was pretty inevitable that some things would go wrong.

Much paperwork and email and writing such stuff to do... but today will be more housebuilding. Perhaps tomorrow.