September 5th, 2011


Labor day is for laboring!

It has been a tremendously productive weekend.

We got the bedroom walls all finished, taped, mudded and even primed. Our drywall seams were, in all humility, really outstanding. You can't even tell where they were, and we haven't even textured yet. I've seen professional work that was shoddier. We're going to apply texture this evening, and then will be ready for paint - which we haven't picked out yet, because we haven't chosen carpet. We were actually going to go into town between coats today and pick out said carpet, but were thwarted by the fact that the major carpet stores were closed for labor day. No carpet for us, today! Tomorrow we will go look at our options. We went for a loooooong walk in the woods with the dog, instead. I'm a little wiped out, to be honest; it was quite the death march. Oh, and I made bread!

Yesterday was more of the same, of course, to get to this point. Plus vacuuming a billion times because sanding the drywall mud makes a LOT of dust. (Also, I need a fresh dust mask; this one is pretty old by now, and apparently, I ate onions at one point before using it, because it smells like stale onions every time I put it on....)

I also did some programming last night, and fixed up the art pages at Torn World to link to related articles and to the artist's page. If I have any energy left tonight after texture and dinner, I may link them to fiction, and also link articles back to related artwork and stories to artwork... I also want to work on some EMG-Zine thingies, and general EMG credit thingies, while I've got the overall credit database structure still all fresh in my head. (I may also just sit in my comfortable chair and drool on myself, after the weekend I've had... It's been utterly lovely, but oh, so much work.)

Tomorrow, I've got a hair appointment and will be getting several inches chopped off, and did I mention we'll be picking carpet?!? Very excited about that. I'd also like to get some coloring book orders and all my paintings off. I also have to send perks from the last two Muse Fusions. I am deeply suspicious I will be working a nap into tomorrow's schedule, and we may get a coat of paint up in the evening.