August 11th, 2011


Thursdaily with more paintings and (bad) coloring book news

I did another batch of paintings last night, and will be scanning some more today:

These have a few more geometric designs than the last batches, but I liked them, and they seemed appropriate to the prompts.

I confess, I have been very nervous about these paintings - I am fairly confident in my ability to render things in graphite or ink that look like things they're supposed to look like, but color has always been much harder and when I take away my safety net of representation and try to express without set structure? It's like sky-diving. (Except that I can paint over my failures.)

On the plus side - and it's a big plus - I am not as terrified of color anymore. This has been a tremendously excellent exercise in putting aside my fear and gaining comfort with the medium. Squeezing a lump of paint onto the pallet has become more 'let's see what this does!' and less 'ohgodohgodohgodI'mgoingtoRUINthis.' I'm eager to do more in color. (If you have a favorite black and white piece you'd like to see in color, you might want to mention it...)

And, speaking of color, I have a new (actually rather old...) painting up at Torn World:

Deirdre wrote a story set in this location, so it can be posted as canon artwork!

Coloring books update:

Now, the bad news: I did not receive enough work to put out an Arabian Nights coloring book. I am bummed, but I needed at least five more pieces, would have preferred seven or eight so I had some choices when I went to lay it out, and I'm not willing to to provide that many myself (I already had three to contribute myself). No one asked for an extension, and I'm tired of nagging. You guys that got work in, you are amazing and wonderful and I am so grateful for your efforts. I'm sorry it didn't work out, and maybe it will later!

Please let me know if you are generally not interested in doing coloring books, or if this was simply a difficult theme. The next book I'm considering is one based on Fairy Tales, and if you think you're more likely to submit work for that, that will factor in on whether I move forward with it or not.

Reminder to submit 'Scandinavian Mythology' artwork and stories to EMG-Zine for October:

Now, I need to make bread, start laundry, find a password so I can fix a website, get some orders ready to mail and do some more scanning and painting.
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Gardening fail...

So, Internet, do you have any ideas about saving my zucchinis? Yes, my zucchinis, the world's easiest-to-grow plant, are failing. They get about the size of a thumb and start to rot at the tip. There aren't any bugs on them, birds aren't getting to them, the moose haven't eaten them, they have big, healthy leaves and like a hundred giant flowers... they just start molding at the flower-end before they get big enough to pick. It's been miserably cold, and it supposedly frosted in town last week, but I don't think it's been that cold up here, and the soil seems to be at a good moisture content.

This, on the heels of The Dog knocking over one my potted potatoes and scattering teeny little red potatoes around his run for the pleasure of digging in the dirt and mangling the plants, makes me fear for my nuturing skills. I'm having a baby, and I can't grow zucchinis for God's sake.