August 9th, 2011


Abstracts for Curtains - Free Abstracts now open!!

Now closed to new free requests! If you tipped, please make sure I have a second prompt for you! If you'd still like a painting, you may get request one (er, two, actually!) only if you tip. This offer is open until the end of tomorrow.

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I will take photographs of the pieces in batches today, though scanning will require a few days of drying time, and at the end of the project, I will also take pictures of the nursery, to show you the curtains you helped me fund.

Tip incentives:

  • Tip any amount, and I will absolutely do your prompt, no matter how many requests I get. You may also send your prompt in advance, starting now; you do not need to catch the window of prompts to get yours done, though it will not be posted until Tuesday, with the others. Thanks to folks who have tipped, I will be painting every prompt that comes in during the free window. I may not finish them all today, depending on how many prompts come in, but you will see something created from your prompt!

  • Tip $2 and I will scan a larger image of your piece. You will also receive an icon of your word (or phrase) like these (Thanks to donors, everyone will receive an animated icon!!):

  • Tip $3 and receive the original of your painting in the mail, domestic (US) addresses only.

  • Tip $5 and receive the original of your painting internationally.

  • Tip $10 and you may request a larger painting - up to 5x7 inches, OR your own ACEO and your choice of one of the ACEOs unclaimed within 24 hours by the prompter. You will receive the original(s), domestic or international shipping. I will make you two icons, you may supply the text for the extra one.

  • Tip $20 and you may request a painting up to 9 x 12 inches, OR your own ACEO and your choice of two of the ACEOs unclaimed within 24 hours by the prompter. You will receive the original(s), domestic shipping only. I will make you three icons, with text of your choice, or one animated icon.

  • Tip $25, as above with international shipping.

  • ACEO prints of any of them are available for $1 plus $1 flat shipping fee (domestic or international, any quantity).

  • If I get to $100 total tips, everyone (who gets a painting) will get an icon (whether they tipped or not). - We've made this goal!

  • If I get to $200 total tips, everyone will get a painting, even if it takes me a few extra days. - We've made this goal, too!

  • If we get to $300 total tips, everyone who tipped may get their icons animated (a simple word fade or blinky star). - We're there!

  • If I get to $400 total tips, I will do a second ACEO painting for everyone who tipped. If your original tip got you the original, you will get both originals - We made it!! If you tipped, be sure I have an extra prompt from you!

  • If I get to $500 total tips, I will give everyone who tipped a free ACEO print of their choice in addition to their originals (no matter how much they tipped!). I will also send the original of their ACEO to anyone who links to the project, whether they tip or not.

  • If I get to $600 total tips, everyone who linked to the project will get a second (or third!) ACEO painting, whether they tipped or not.

  • Any amount that we go over what I spend on curtains will be spent on nursery improvements. (Like windowsills, and light fixtures!) You will get photos! Update: curtains and rods have been ordered! Window returns are next on the list, and a full accounting will be posted with the photos.

    You may also mail your tip to:

    Ellen Million Graphics
    PO Box 82851
    Fairbanks Alaska 99708

    Email me to let me know it's coming! You may also spend EMG credits - just let me know!

    You may tip in advance, during the prompt window, or within 24 hours of the posting of the finished painting photos to claim your prompted painting. If you miss the prompt window, you may tip to get a painting until I have finished all of the outstanding paintings!

    If you tipped and are displeased with your finished product (did I use a color you hate? Just doesn't feel as good as the others?), I will do ONE do-over on request, OR you may select from any existing, un-claimed pieces. If you are still horribly unhappy with your painting, I'll refund your money.

    Prompt guidelines:

    The window for free abstracts to your prompts is open now! If I get a manageable number of prompts, I'll leave it open longer. I will be painting something for every prompt that comes in.

    Prompts should be simple ideas, single words, or short phrases. For example:

  • Hope
  • Turbulence
  • Brilliance
  • Dreaming Awake
  • Neverending
  • A green swirl
  • Something red and yellow

    You may add qualifiers (I hate orange, I like softer lines, I like the swirly green piece, the feather piece is my favorite, etc.). More complex and representational things may not translate well to abstract, though I may do very simple things, like:


    Also, tell me what you'd like on your icon! (A few words? A phrase? Your username?) I will choose a section of your painting for your icon and give it a very simple animation. (Let me know if you'd prefer un-animated.)

    If you tip, leave a second prompt, because we are close to that incentive! Also, be sure to tell me if you want a larger painting, if you tip $10 or more, or if you want the extra ACEO(s)!

    Previous posts showing some more examples of my abstracts:

    Please spread the word and link to this post! I look forward to painting for you!
  • fairysquash

    Prompt! Prompt!

    Seriously, I've got more than 80 of these little canvases prepped, and I will be sad if I can't paint them all, and I'm nearly caught up on the prompts I've gotten!

    (I thought about posting them with their prompts, but it's sort of fun to guess which is which, too... I will post a recap that shows all the prompts at the end of the project!)

    Tipping is totally optional, don't be shy about posting a prompt if you can't tip! I LOVE doing these little paintings, and I find it such a challenge to work to prompts. Please share the link, and let your friends know, too - you may get the original of your painting for spreading the word... :)

    (Some of the prompts are also posted in this entry, if you want to play guess-the-prompt: )

    Wrapping things up...

    Okay, that was tremendously fun, and I probably should have stopped painting an hour earlier. :P

    But did I mention, fun?

    I still have a few left to do - I need to gather some second prompts, a few folks didn't answer my query regarding size or initial prompts, and I've got some addresses to collect for a few folks who had their cards sponsored. :) The giant orange piece is only half-done, but I chose crazy-stupid details, so I had to take a break...

    This is my floor right now. You can go back two entries to see larger photos of each chunk. :)

    Icons and scans with your paintings will trickle in tomorrow and later in the week as they dry - I ran out of my primary paint in a few cases and had to use a slower-drying acrylic, so some of them may take several days to get scan-worthy.

    My hands are tired, so that's all the entry you get. Thank you so much for playing along! *collapses*