August 8th, 2011


Mondaily with Abstracts Updates and Fog

My desk is covered with drying canvases. I'm taking a tip from Laura and pre-coating my canvases with a (mostly) flat color to prevent white spots and allow some extra technique experimentation. I've got one of the 9x12s completely finished, and several more started, plus 48 ACEOs. I'm thinking I'd better cut and coat another 48 ACEOs, as well as the 5x7s... I have agreed to do all the prompts that are left, and if I can work up a good rhythm, it would be great to get them all finished on Tuesday. I am not entirely confident of my ability to crank out nearly 100 in one day, but if they've got a layer down already? Possible. Will I even get 100 prompts? Also possible. (We shall not delve into the performance anxiety of whether these will actually be any good - I have no real measuring stick to apply to my abstracts like I do to my illustrations, so I just have to make stuff I like and hope others do, too.)

We've made the first three group milestones, so I will be doing all of the prompts left in the free window tomorrow (9-1 Alaska time, which is 1-5 ET), and you will get animated icons of each one. (These are *simple* animations - words fading in, blinky stars, nothing fancy.) We're just over $70 from everyone who tips getting a second painting, so if you've tipped, do leave me a second prompt! (Second painting is an ACEO, btw, not a larger painting.)

I put the order in for the curtains and rods that I really wanted - they had really glowing reviews, and were on sale for 35% off, and, most shocking of all, everything but the brackets were eligible for free super saver shipping and not ONE of the sellers balked at shipping to Alaska! (I can't count the number of times I've gone to check out at Amazon, just to get the 'SORRY, we don't ship that that country primitive corner of the continent...' message.)

We took another easy day of nursery improvements yesterday, and installed all the baseboard. I am all a-wiggle over how utterly lovely and finished it makes the room look. We're going to get the ceiling trim up and then I will take more photos.

In factory news, today I am officially into my second trimester. Still don't feel particularly pregnant. Appetite has been good but not as crazy as it was for a day or two there. No weight gain. I've got my next doctor's appointment on Friday.

Now, off to work on an estimate, and nag on an overdue invoice, and... probably a bunch of other things.

An anniversary, last Friday...

On Friday, I kept looking at the date... why is August 5 so important? Why did I feel like it should be remembered?

I wasn't doing the fair this year (which started Friday) - and oh, was I deliciously, delightfully glad of that. I loved the fair, but it was so much work - so long, and dusty and dirty and wet and cold and so often discouraging. 9 days of busting ass, plus all the days working up to it, and all the people, and the inevitable cold I caught, and the stress and the way the weather and the economy mattered so much to how things went... no it wasn't because of the fair that I was looking at the calendar.

After a while, it finally occurred to me: August 5th was the day I broke my back. Every year, I spent that day doggedly trying not to remember, not to focus on the nagging pain in my back and the dark, unresolved feelings that came with it.

This year? Not so much.

It was 18 years ago. More than half my life, now.

If I can't run, I can still walk, and build houses, with little or no pain. I can think about that day without crying, or wincing, or falling into a depression. I can remember my life around it, without flinching at the person I hated being.

I'm... in such a better place than I was last year, or even just a few months ago.

In every way imaginable.