August 1st, 2011


Mondaily with lots of updates

New issue of EMG-Zine is up!

Today is the last day to submit Mushroom-themed artwork for the September issue:​php

August 10th is the last day to submit coloring book pages for the Arabian Nights coloring book (contact me for submission details).

The next Sketch Fest is August 19-20!​m/sketchfest/

Coloring books are back in stock and on sale this month!! Hoard them for Christmas (if you can...):

I seem to have hit a hungry phase... it is everything I can do not to eat an entire can of frosting right now. >.> And the rest of the corned beef, and a whole watermelon and the rest of the bag of potato chips and pile of pickles and cheese and coleslaw and chocolate chip cookies.

Bread is made, and I'm off to dig up some work and finish sending out Sketch Fest sales. :)