July 21st, 2011



Alas, all my sites are down at the moment; they are re-imaging my server. *twiddles fingers* Another hour, maybe, by estimation.

Better now than this time tomorrow - there would be panic in the street, that close to Sketch Fest!

Which is your reminder! Sketch Fest is tomorrow at noon!

In other reminders, get your work in for the next issue of EMG-Zine - the theme is Mushrooms! And work on Arabian Nights work for the coloring book. (The next theme is Fairy Tales, but that won't be open until Arabian Nights is concluded...)


Take the oven apart so I can get a replacement part $26 part on hold for me at appliance store!
Get kitty litter
Get fruit. Mmm... fruuuuuiiiiiiit.
Emails - invoicing and work-finding stuff as priority vital stuff done.
Clean toilet