June 25th, 2011



I suspect that I would have taken naps the past few days even if I weren't knocked up - we've been working brutally hard, and the work is rewarding.

We installed a new outlet in the basement for my studio-in-exile, and hung tapestries around the space, and moved everything down there that I will need, including all my tables and my hugenormous printers and scanner. We took two pick-up loads of useful 'stuff' to the transfer station, packed more loads into the connex box (also weeded earlier this week), and demolished some of the built-ins, including the very first kitchen counter that we built in this house - a rather ugly construction of 2x4s and plywood that was our first piece of 'furniture,' serving us faithfully as our camp kitchen while we were squatting in the unfinished shell of our house without water (our 'refrigerator' was a bucket on a string that dangled into the basement). For quite some time, it was a major building platform; cabinets and plumbing were constructed on it after it served its life as our kitchen. It was then given new life as a major component of my studio. Hundreds - perhaps thousands - of EMG products were built on that thing. And today, we chainsawed it in half and hauled it out.

Jake: I bet this is the only time you'll let me run the chainsaw in the baby's room.

I'm such a spoil-sport!

It feels very end-of-an-era-y. My studio space in the basement is perfectly serviceable, and I suspect I will do most of my work as I am now, laptop on lap in the cozy living room. (As long as I have a lap, anyway!) Very little of my work requires being tethered to my equipment, anymore. The nursery is echoingly empty, with pale rectangles all over the tongue and groove siding where pictures and cabinets and shelves used to hang.

I am excited, happy, and a little sad, but mostly... exhausted. It is, however, mostly the kind of exhaustion anyone would have after making 800 billion trips up and down two sets of very steep stairs, not what I would necessarily class as a side effect of incubation. I'm a little less bouncy of step and more inclined to take breaks at decent intervals, but more because I'm wanting to take extra good care of myself than because I couldn't keep going. My 'morning sickness' has so far been two mornings where coffee smelled unappealing (so I skipped it), and some very mild on-and-off queasiness that resembles my experiences with low blood sugar - slight dizziness, and lack of appetite. I eat regularly, with smallish meals and snacks, follow my sugars and any fast-burning starches with proteins, and... have been fine. There's some breast tenderness (Jake swears they're already bigger). I am honestly a little scared that it's not going right, because my symptoms are so mild and manageable. I try not to think along those lines, and I've got my first doctor's appointment on Monday!

Today, supposedly, there are 'limb buds' visible, hopefully four of them, to complement the lovely guppy tail it's got at this point. It may even have eyes started, and the beginnings of a heart to keep it's lonely little liver company. (Why the liver first, I have to wonder?) Soon, a skeleton!

I got a start on Muse Fusion, and wrote a short (500 words-ish) story to one of the prompts - please feel free to come and leave more: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/80616.html

I am planning to take several hours off tomorrow to write and draw. Now? TV and bed!