June 15th, 2011

ellen with wrench

Wednesdaily with writing update.

I love starting my day with writing. I get up and do one war, maybe two, with a few other writers, and add between 400 and 900 words to one of two projects I've got active. Both stories are making progress, if somewhat slowly, and I feel like it starts my day creatively and still lets me get going on programming by 9 AM-ish. The next Rail story is up to 2800 words, and the puppy story is at 1900. The latter will probably be finished this week, the former needs a few scene fragments put together and a conclusion scene; next week, likely. There's a Muse Fusion the weekend after this (24th - 27th!), and I'd like to have them both through personal edits by then. I think I can do that.

I got Sketch Fest sales recorded and followed up on yesterday (was missing one address and one claim didn't get paid), just need to email those out. The new admin page should automate all of this by next Sketch Fest. :)

I've got three pieces of art paid for that I need to finish (ACEOs from Sketch Fest), and Sketch Fest sales covered the improvements I'd made prior to this one (and during) and another 1/2 hour as well! Torn World is up to an hour of improvement (oh, so many choices there!), too.

A few programming projects lined up for the remainder of the week, and if the weather doesn't suck as much as it has been, I will be chalking at the Midnight Sun Festival on Sunday. We've got a webpage up!

I've got bread started, and would do a load of laundry if the truck were working (still flat!), but as it is, we should conserve water until we've got it fixed up. (We haul our water from town.)

On THAT note? A shower now. :P

ETA: OH! One of my potatoes is alive!! I planted six of them, but apparently buying seed potatoes in Fairbanks is the kind of thing you have to do early, or the greenhouse salespeople look at you with pity and explain that they sold out several weeks ago. So, I bought regular store-bought organic red potatoes hoping they hadn't been sprayed with anti-sprouting stuff, and tried with those. And LO! One of them, at least, is putting up teeny little worm-like lumps that may become actual plant.