June 14th, 2011


Tuesdaily - queen of the code!

I am queen of the code!

I've done all but the finishing touches on my elance project. I cannot believe the hash the programmer before made of this set-up; they hacked oscommerce (which was WAY overkill for the client needs) in such a way that it didn't save anything useful, didn't allow multiple items in a shopping cart, and worst of all, accepted credit card information over a non-secure server. No, maybe it was worse the way it saved a gazillion entries of bogus customer information everytime someone visited a page (literally, a database FILLED with Jane Does and no useful information). So, where WAS the real customer information being saved? As products. Each INDIVIDUAL field of data (email, address, zipcode, etc) was being inserted as a purchased product option (where such things as color and size are expected). THE HELL?

It took longer than I thought and hoped, but it might not have if I'd gone with my instincts and not tried to resurrect the framework of Oscommerce from this farce. I built them a new form that calculated all the billionty complicated things they really wanted, and hacked the resulting information directly into the database so they can still use all their administrative tools (at least, to the same level they were before). It's less graceful than it could be, but it does what they need, and short of completely reinstalling Oscommerce to erase the travesties inflicted upon it and then figuring out how to re-modify it to do the rather complicated calculating they'd like done... it's the best solution.

So, that ate my time for a couple of days, and now I'm looking at my to-do list in bogglement. I need to get invoices out, send some payments to artists, pack up a coloring book sale (off of Amazon!), send Sketch Fest sales thingies, do Torn World anthology page counts, and mail some artwork, then line up some more work, clean the house, walk the dog and... um, probably something else I'm forgetting. I have chicken legs marinating in tandoori, and I've done a load of laundry already. *ponders* Hopefully, it will come to me...