June 2nd, 2011

enough time


A few more hundred words into the fifth Rail installment for Torn World and it's nearly finished... the third one, Railroaded, went up today, and is rated spicy, so that only registered members may read it: http://www.tornworld.net/storypageview.php?id=258

Fixed a bug at EMG-Zine that was only showing artwork to readers if they were logged in, so the gallery REALLY works now: http://emg-zine.com

While you're there, submit 'owl' themed work!

My garden is sprouting! At least two of the delphiniums are going to make it, I think, and at least two of the lilies, and the strawberries are putting out bright green leaves. The marigolds got over their wild, and the zucchinis seem to be getting bigger by the hour.

I have more news, but must go to the gym now, go to the bank, meet my parents for a goodbye lunch, swing by the post office, write some emails, do some invoicing, finish some programming, cure cancer and work on world peace. Back later.

Oh! A fox bolted up the driveway just a few minutes ago - all molt-y and looking back over its shoulder to mock poor Norway, who really REALLY wanted to go play with it.

Sketch Fest for June?

I've got it scheduled for June 10-11 right now, but I've heard some wails of protest already... so, a poll!

June Sketch Fest - my preference

June 10-11
June 17-18

I could attend:

June 10-11
June 17-18

What do you like LEAST about Sketch Fest? (200 characters or less)