May 18th, 2011

ellen with wrench

Wednesdaily with sour cream and onion chips

Sketch Fest is this Friday!!! Are you ready? Got your art supplies together? I've got a few last minute coding things I want to do to polish things up a bit, though the major thing was allowing uploads from previous sketch fests (already done!).

Sea Monster month continues at Torn World, with gusto. It's looking likely that we will have enough to post over the last few weekends, too! Do consider pre-ordering the anthology! I am trying not to let myself get an ulcer over the fact that the printer is having supply delays and still has not shipped my proof... They still think they can make the convention (Duckon) with the full run, but we are running out of revision time FAST and I am feeling anxious about it.

We're collecting work in the theme of Butterflies for EMG-Zine right now:

My inbox is at 171, and I want to get it down to 150 before the end of the day.
I got some major programming done this morning, and want to get a little more done before I call it quits for the day.

And, that, with a load of laundry, is my life!
ellen with wrench


Got my Sketch Fest improvements done - or at least one of them: now sketches will be available to the person who left the prompt for one hour before becoming generally available. This will get some future improvements (a countdown, a way to 'release' your claim, if you left the prompt, a way to watch it and get an email if it becomes available, etc.), but it works now!

Now? Cookies!