May 13th, 2011


Real post later...

Last night was full of cooking disasters. Lengthy cooking disasters; I shall regale you with those later.

Later today is Muse Fusion, which I just about forgot about!!

The anthology proof has still not shipped; I sent them a prod this morning. (It was supposed to ship May 8)


happy bubble fairy

Shiny new laptop is shiny! And Muse Fusion!

It was a bit of a comedy of errors getting my new monster set up, largely because I couldn't figure out how to install the extra RAM I'd ordered, and mis-installed RAM does not play nice. Which meant a borked Windows setup right from the get-go, and once I had figured out how to put the RAM in (with a delicious, perfect 'set' noise and an ah-hah moment on my part), it behaved just perfectly. Except for a few suspicious Windows hiccups. I did a completely fresh re-installation from the partition and now it is working GORGEOUSLY.

Seriously - I have downloaded and installed almost all of my programs - Avast antivirus is up, Malware is up, open office is finishing its last few tasks, Chrome is whizzing along, I've got my programming software and FTP installed, and all the bitty little tools I use on a daily basis. Downloads are ridiculously fast. Installing programs is not a 'get a cup of coffee' thing, just a 'blink and you'll miss the progress bar' thing. Switching between programs is seamless. The graphics are glorious. The keyboard is... different than my previous one, so I still flub the keystrokes sometimes, but it's got a numberpad, which I missed on the old one; I think I'll get used to it quickly.

I have named it Beastly. Blame icedrake, who made that observation looking at its spec sheet.

So, now I'm sitting down to Muse Fusion! We are taking Torn World questions and prompts, and writing, drawing and generally creative jamming for the weekend.

This is my tip hat:

I hope to have some work posted for sponsorship a little later in the day, but general tips keep me going and will be applied to make some of my results public! If you leave a prompt I use, I always show you what I create for it, even if it ends up being subscribers-only and doesn't get sponsored. Tipping and sponsoring is always optional - I'd rather have you involved for free than feeling guilty and staying away. :P

Go here to leave prompts for Muse Fusion:
(Don't leave them here!!)
working hard

Muse Fusion update!

I had to pause for a little programming and some food and more installation stuff, but I have been jamming forward on Muse Fusion quite nicely so far! (And Beastly is behaving quite well. Windows 7, I think I like you.)

A Warsailor has to be Canny is a short, 400 word piece about what is required for a warsailor. It will be my freebie for this Muse Fusion, and was written without a specific prompt.

Tides of Blood and Music is 1500 words, and comes from ysabetwordsmith's title prompt, also inspired greatly by xjenavivex's talk of a traveling musician who teaches about mood and music, and by wyld_dandelyon's write-up of Neteilyu: this is Neteilyu's story of finding monster sculpting after the death of her husband. It is available for sponsorship, for $15.