May 9th, 2011


Mondaily with Book Launch and Computer Woes

Computer still behaving woefully; Safe Mode is the only start-up option now, and it takes more tries to get there. I'm trying to decide if I want to go through the hassle of reinstalling windows at this point (I last did this in October and GUH, it's always such a hassle), or if the lure of a new laptop is too strong. This poor thing *is* getting a bit beat down. It's had more than 6 years of hard, hard abuse as my sole machine, and has wear-marks where I rest my wrists. Either way, I need to plan for a few days of downtime, and I think that will be AFTER I get the proof copy of the TW anthology, and verify that I don't need to make any last-minute changes.

Speaking of, I will be releasing that TW anthology shortly here. The computer hiccups put a dent in getting everything prepped for it over the weekend. That, and the mad, crazy landwork we did over the weekend; after my Saturday post, we got up on Sunday and did it all over again - plus some. We took in two more pickup loads of ice storm debris (there are at least another 4 loads lying around; that was a devastating storm!) and then cleaned the house like mad because my parents are due any day now. I am too sore now to be stressed over how the house looks now, but it is Very Clean. Also, we bought a new vacuum cleaner, a darling little shop vac I have already named R2.

Okay, I'm going to go shovel dog poop before it thaws this morning to unwind and try to limber up my very, very stiff muscles, and then come back and get the book launched, even if I have to do it via my iPad.

The glamor of my life never ends!

Torn World Anthology: Family Ties and Torn Skies

A gorgeous volume of stories, poetry and artwork, this anthology is a great starting place for getting a taste of Torn World. Family Ties and Torn Skies is arranged chronologically in two segments: the isolated snow-unicorn riders of the north, and the sprawling Empire of the south, with information blurbs and introductions to help orient you to this vast and finely detailed setting. Meet the fascinating characters who are shaping our current storylines, and get a glimpse at some of the conflicts and adventures being set into motion. Framed around the topic of family and coming of age, this collection offers 266 page of content in a trade paperback format (5" x 7.5"). Pre-order the hardcopy version (mails mid-June or earlier!) and receive the e-book pdf free! (Kindle and other e-versions coming... once I've replaced my computer or re-formated it...)

Subscribers at Torn World, be sure to log in before ordering, because you get 10% off! (subscribe for as little as $5 and get access to everything at the site!)

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Urgh. (More computer woes)

Okay, so plans to either reformat or replace this computer are more urgent than previously realized, because InDesign, Adobe Reader and Photoshop will not open whatsoever. This rather confirms my suspicion that a major Adobe update was the cause of the hastened demise of my laptop. Adobe, you FAIL and right now, I hate you a lot.

Cold feet...

I keep getting to the 'REALLY ARE YOU SURE?' screen on the recovery disc and chickening out, even though my computer is nigh un-usable as it is right now. Re-installations are traumatic.

This looks shiny. They carry them locally at Geek City, and I called and talked to the guy there for a while about them; they highly recommend them and are confident it will handle ACAD and CS with no problems at all. I would go buy it right now, except that they want $300 more for it than NewEgg does. I'd pay $50 more to keep my sale local. Maybe even $100 because I'd get it Right Now. But $300... urgh. Really, can't do that.


Okay, reformatting this sucker for now. See you on the other side... I hope.

Eta: Okay... Windows will not reinstall! I am going with 'laptop is borked' and finding my credit card...
Eta2: Windows installed. Updating, installing CS3, Avast and other bare minimum programs. New laptop ordered.