May 8th, 2011

no!, just

Hmm. New laptop questions.

So, my laptop has been showing signs of wear lately; reluctance in booting, sluggishness with big files, stubborn refusal to wake from sleep... General things you'd expect from a refurbished computer that I bought for $600 after shipping 'just to try' more than 6 years ago.

The past two days have gone from minorly annoying to outright gasping... The boot cycle gets stuck and it needs more and more restarts to function, to the point where I had to restart in safe mode to do a final backup of my files. I'm pretty sure these are the death throes of my trusted laptop.

The timing could be worse, I suppose. I did, at least, get the anthology files off to the printer. And I do have enough saved up to replace it right now.

So, great Internet hivemind! It has been Lo, these many years since I shopped for a laptop. I need something AutoCAD and Creativesuite3 capable. 15 inch screen is a minimum. My working budget is around a grand, with some flexibility. I am not interested in being converted to a Mac. I quite enjoyed having a tablet pc last time around.

What drops of wisdom have you got for me?