May 7th, 2011


Ow, and did I mention, Ow?

More landwork today, including two ginormous loads of brush trash. I'm getting lovely yellow bruises all over my forearms from hauling logs, and my biceps are on fire. My hiking boots are not in the slightest broken in - I bought them last spring, but never wore them, so I also have wretched, awful shin splints, and I think probably blisters on both big toes. But the yard looks much nicer for the efforts, and it's the bit that I see out of my work window, so very nice to have done.

The weather was just perfect for a very peculiar phenomena... yesterday was sunny and warm, and the sap was running in the birches so richly that our cuts would shine with it within just a few moments, and broken branches dripped. Today was cold again, below freezing for most of the day, and the sap and water being pulled up in the trees who didn't know they were dead yet turned into waterfalls of ice. It hadn't rained, there was no heavy dew; everything around these stumps was completely dry. It was very eerie. I took more pictures, but... um... I was tired, and the flash card was actually not in the camera for most of them. This is the best of the ones I did get, and doesn't do the crazy sight much justice; some of the stumps had inches of ice in lumpy lace all over the top and spilling down the sides in long icicles.

We also made a pressure cooker pot of pulled pork and had REALLY yummy psuedo-Mexican food tonight, and there's a pineapple upside-down cake cooling for dessert. My hands ache, so no more typing for me now.