May 6th, 2011


Fridaily, More Unexpected...

Jake unexpectedly took the day off today, which I didn't find out about until he came home (last night) and said 'It's Friday night!' and I said 'It's Thursday night!' and he said 'It's MY Friday!'

We slept in (very nice!) and, despite some kind of wretched stomach bug on my part, we got some landwork done. I would call it 'yardwork,' but 'yard' is quite a stretch to describe what is basically raw birch forest. We took down 6 or 7 trees - some of them VERY large trees - and stacked them out of the way. We were hoping to get a bulldozer this weekend and level a spot for my parents to park in a pretty, out-of-the-way spot by the connex where we've already got power. Alas, we took a shovel to the ground and it went THUNK. Still very, very frozen. They may have to park closer to the house, which is not the end of the world.

Torn World anthology goes on sale on Monday! Eee!

EMG-Zine hit its goal and is safe until June, 2012!! Double Eeee! We've even already gotten to 1 hour of site improvements.

I did some more teeny paintings yesterday. I'm trying to decide on a technique for a BIG canvas, and I haven't quite settled on one yet. Here is a sneak preview of this round of unexpected abstracts:

And I've scanned a few more of the last batch:

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