May 4th, 2011


Wednesdaily - Just a list

Another week zooming by!

Today's list:

Start laundry
Freelance project 1:20
Hang laundry, emails 30 min
Commission-Control 1 hour
lunch with Glee and cleaning 40 min
Freelance project 1 hour
Set up anthology ordering, post next sea monster stuff 1 hour

Commission-Control 30 min
if time: scan paintings

I've got a post drafted on volunteering and orders of enthusiasm, but it needs some refinement. No time! Blarg!
big damn wrench

I need someone to test e-book purchasing!

...preferably someone who is planning to actually purchase the Torn World anthology e-book, since that's what I'm testing, and you'll need to go all the way through the purchase to (hopefully) get the download!

If you wanted to pre-order the anthology, that's fine, too - I've got a bundle that should let you pre-order the anthology, with appropriate shipping, and then start your pdf download. *crossing fingers*

The page isn't pretty yet, so I'm not flinging open the doors, but if you want to test this for me, and get the very, very first look at the e-book itself, email or PM me and I'll send you a link.

Naturally, if my coding fu has failed, I will refund your moolah and/or email you the pdf directly.
Beta successfully completed! Thank you!