April 29th, 2011


Fridaily - having one of Those moments.

I have so much on my plate today - so many fun things I want to tackle, and tasks I NEED to do, and projects to move forward - that I find myself going BLAAAAAGH and doing none of them. It's an easy place to go - just... read my friendslist, poke at this that or the other thing a bit, wash the dishes, clean the catbox, answer a few emails... and stare at my list with fear.

But I can't afford fear. So instead, I make a list, break it down into its necessary parts, and set my timer. Here goes my day:

Sea monster article and monster map - 1 hour (Sea Monster Month is MAY! Holy Crap!) Draft of first segment is off, sundered times map is tentatively finished.
Site setup for freelance project - 1 hour (registration page working, look drafted, template and database connection set up.)
Anthology pricing and pre-order work - 1 hour discussion posted to forums
lunch - 1/2 hour
Commission-Control programming - 1 hour Artists can now get to the projects they are assigned to, and see which images are theirs. Client project management is a teeny bit better.
Writing - 1/2 hour (anything I feel like at the time) A few hundred words and some outlining.
EMG-Zine - set up news, get new issue ready for release. - 1 hour (I use too many !!s, but oh well...)
Freelance project programming - 1 hour
Remainder of day: pick up whatever bits I've missed. - More sea monster stuff, because May is in TWO DAYS. Yeesh.

Abstract Art!

Because lists of other people's things to do can be boring (I like reading them, but I know other people yawn at them), have some abstract art that is dry enough to scan...

Earth In Transition 4x6 ($10 includes shipping)

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