April 21st, 2011


Sketch Fest Updates - big changes!

Lots and lots of updates for this next Sketch Fest... I really pulled all the stops out, and I'm a little nervous about it.

First up, the new front page is alive! With pretty random rotating artwork!

Second up, there is a 'buy instantly' option on all available artwork, and this is part of my Great Master Plan to unite all my sites with credits. If you have EMG credits - earned through book or coloring book royalties, portrait adoption, EMG-Zine articles, etc... you can spend them to instantly snag available work. You can also buy these credits to fill up your account before Sketch Fest over here.

Third and decidedly not least... I got partial donations in place.

This last one makes me the most nervous. I've been able to do all these updates because my time is compensated directly by purchase of the sketches you guys have donated, as well as your direct donations, and that's *tremendous* and amazing. I am scared that I am giving away my source of income, and that it is stupid and reckless of me to leave the donation option so wide open. The only check in the system is that it won't show up for sale if the donation box is left at 0, but that's all!

(There's also no requirement for delivery confirmation at this point, and the credits aren't automatically transfered to the artist yet - these features are coming, along with some administration tools for me.)

But I really, really want artists compensated for their work - or at the very least not to be entirely out-of-pocket for sending their sketches (or finished work). I can hope that people will still choose to donate a healthy bit of their sale price, and that people will still buy them, so I can keep programming awesome tools for artists.

You can go make sketches available now using the new settings, but be warned that tomorrow morning, I will deactivate them all, so you'll need to re-edit them. Which also means, all the available work that is up now may be going away for good! Grab them while you can!

I did not get a Sketch Fest Awards arranged for #12, I apologize! I still need to send some of the prizes for the Awards for Sketch Fest #11! *flails*

The next Sketch Fest (lucky #13!) is TOMORROW! How does it always creep up on me??

Now, I am going to crawl into a corner and die for a while - it has been a tremendous push to get this, and a big freelance project all finished up, and I'm thiiiis close to finished with the anthology, and commission-control is thiiiiiis close to finished, and I am thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis tired and my back aches. See my icon.