April 20th, 2011


Wednesdaily with gritted teeth

The library chairs yesterday were not comfortable for long-term use. That's unfortunate, because it was otherwise a really nice place to work.

So, today, I have severe back pain to work around on my to-do list.

I was quite crushed about it last night; I haven't had pain like this in months now, and it is always super, super discouraging to deal with. I have to try hard to remember that I was lucky I wasn't hurt worse in that accident, let along recover as completely as I have. I will never be able to run, but I am strong and fit and no longer have to get anyone else to lift things for me. I cannot handle poor quality chairs for long periods, but I can usually walk easily, and my days without pain outnumber the days like this by a long shot now.

No crying in the corner today; that's not allowed.

Art finished, working on revisions to information block graphics and the text to go in them, along with the final layout of images in the stories.

Changes to the Sketch Fest site (FRIDAY!!!) are in progress as well - I've made good strides on that so far, and have the outline for getting it finalized today as well. You can get a peek at the changes on purchasing available sketches already - especially if you're logged in.

Back to it, now. Timer's ticking!


My willingness to delegate goes up exponentially with my pain level. Interesting trend. Bet there's a funny graph there somewhere.