April 8th, 2011


Fridaily, closing the gaps...

Approaching the end of a big freelance project, I've got artists able to claim projects at Commission-Control, and the client can see their interest, but not quite approve them for the project yet. (Tricky stuff...) I'm printing a 4x4 proof of the Torn World anthology now to check for page gaps, art placement and start pulling the intros together. It's longer than I wanted it to be, but still within the budget margin I set (barely within!).

I feel like I'm looking across a big pile of work at several finish lines. They're in *sight* now, at least.

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Commission-Control now has artist galleries (though not a landing page for artists yet, exactly, and the artist pages are ridiculously underdeveloped), and the art viewing pages have been updated, and clients can make projects and accept interested artists (or decline them). Contract fields are still forthcoming, and the 'invite' feature is only in babysteps. Artists can apply for projects through the lilypad already, and will see if they've been accepted or declined (though, no emails yet...).

The anthology for TW made big strides today - the whole thing is in InDesign now, final TOC is posted to the forum, illustrations for a few remaining spots are called for (and most of them are 'nice but not necessary') and several have been claimed already.

Tomorrow, I must bake bread.

Tonight? There must be art.