April 1st, 2011


Fridaily with buuuuusy

I have many emails and comments still to send, I'm so sorry for the delays!

Go read the new issue of EMG-Zine while you're waiting, or take a look at some of the gorgeous new work that has been inducted at Fantastic Portfolios! I was delighted to see that we've hit the 500 mark - there are exactly 500 approved images now. :) That's a lot of very amazing art, and a gorgeous new tour of mermaid art (you can take tours from the art tab).

I have many, many things to catch up on today, and I am off to do those now!


Long day, very full.

I've gotten several emails over the past few days that have been just lovely - praise for Sketch Fest, nice comments about EMG-Zine and thanks for jump-starting artistic muses or getting people back into art. That's why I do this stuff, it really is, and I'm not sure I can properly express how wonderful it makes me feel when it's working.

*warm fuzzies*

One of my freelance projects is just about finished, and another has taken great strides. Commission-Control got a good stare-down today, and Sketch Fest got some minor little tweaks (have a sneak peek at the new landing page!), and I threw together a quick-n-dirty landing page for Deirdre's writing.

In, all, I consider this day quite acceptable.