March 30th, 2011

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Tuesdaily with snarls

I think the worst thing about hacker attacks is how badly they screw up my stats. Oh look! Lots of extra visitors! All of them trying to send bogus information to a forum in a mysql injection attack! Now, that modest increase in readers I saw is completely DROWNED in a slug of fake hits. Okay, maybe the worst thing about hackers is how deeply they rattle me. Nothing lost or compromised, as far as I know, but GODDAMN, I could do without finding this in the morning. (Torn World forums, this time.)

That, and I spent some time deleting spammers out of Fantastic Portfolios. (One even snuck in at the last Sketch Fest, grrr!) It doesn't help that I can't remember some of my new passwords or find where I wrote them down. RARGH.

It honestly leaves me wondering a bit why I bother. Maybe I should go back to drafting or machining. (I sort of miss machining...)

The Internet is being sooooo sloooooow today that I'm getting frustrated and bored in the middle of individual work tasks and email is being unreliable. This is the ideal recipe for a cranky Ellen, especially when she knows she's got about 350 emails to deal with today.

Cranky Ellen is going to go get a cup of cocoa and go outside to kick some snow around and maybe holler at the top of her lungs for a while and scare the dog and take a shower and maybe do something fun like TAXES.

Cranky Ellen needs a hug.

On the plus side, I did finish a commission last night, and shall show that off later. It was very fun.
working hard

Cranky Ellen is less cranky

I got a tremendous milestone finished on a freelance project, and that always feels nice. :) I also vented about some other project drama to a listening friend, which is also a good thing, and I was able to not snap at well-meaning people who didn't deserve it. I also cleaned ALL THE THINGS, got my inbox down to 286, the Internet began behaving again, and the cat sat on me and purred for a while, despite the laptop also occupying my lap. Torn World also did some rank climbing (now that I'm using the right stupid link), and we're at 7th place, so our banner shows. :) Thank you!

So, have some art...

A new portrait for Margaa is up at Torn World:

I'm waiting for final approval on that commission, then I'll post it here.

I also watched The Seeker: The Dark is Rising.

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Dinner now!