March 18th, 2011


Sketch Fest #11 Awards!

Congratulations to our winners!

Long Way Home by Nicole Cadet won in "Best Composition"!

Just the Bees Knees by Meg Baker won in "Cutest"!

Our artist prize-winners will be receiving a variety pack of blank ACEO cards in thanks and congratulations.

Best prompt: "I Found My Starfish" from Lindsay Nucera

Our prompt prize-winner will be receiving a coloring book of her choice.

And one special prize for "Rock Star of Year One" goes to Jenny Heidewald. Jenny has participated in every single Sketch Fest since we started, even when she had to connect at a campground. She has managed to do as many as 38 (was that your record, Jenny??) sketches for a single Sketch Fest, and left hundreds of comments for other artists. She's fast to jump in and help anyone who has problems with the site, and is quick to catch any coding errors. She has also donated the vast majority of her artwork, contributing more than half the total donations to get us the awesome features at the Sketch Fest site, as well as pushing Commission-Control funding over the finish line and helping to keep EMG-Zine going! Thank you so much for your energy and input Jenny! You're a Rock Star!!

Jenny will be receiving a complete custom-built webpage for her artwork and writing.

Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you to everyone for your participation and artistic energy!

Our next Sketch Fest is next weekend, and will be our one year anniversary. Please join us!
torn world

Muse Fusion - open now!

Muse Fusion is open now! Go leave us story and artwork prompts to jam on! I want to get a few short-shorts written, and maybe jam forward on one of my plot-heavy storylines, if a prompt ties in neatly. You will get sneak previews of anything you prompt. I will post at least one of my results publicly, reserving the rest for sponsorship or subscribers. Sponsorships will list you as a patron at the site, and make the story public. Artwork has several levels of sponsorship, including the option to pay-to-finish, and purchase of the original. You'll have to wait and see what I create!

I'm collecting sponsorships and donations towards a concrete goal this month - the Torn World LJ community is days from being out of paid time, and I'd like to keep it ad-free and feature rich for our visitors. It costs $25 to keep it paid for one year. Any donations or sponsorships to me go to support that first, and to keeping me writing and drawing second. :)

Go leave your prompts Over Here! (disabling comments on this post. :))