March 10th, 2011

ellen with wrench


Vote for Sketch Fest awards!

(Seriously, not going to keep doing them as polls if people won't vote in them! Spread the word!)

Artists, please get some Arabian Nights artwork worked on for the coloring book! I'd like to release that this fall, at the latest! I have redone bits of the lilypad so it's easier to submit. :)

Yesterday, I started with a few hundred words and an outline on a my story, and by the end of the day, I had deleted most of those words and written a fresh 4000 (!) words on it. And... I like it. One of the best stories I've written, I think. Adventure! Survival! Snow! Humor! I was able to check off every little detail on my wish-list of things to show! It needs one wrap-up scene now, and it's off to the queue.

Still ridiculously under the weather - enough already with the coughing and dizziness! I want my lungs back, you bastard germs!

Nice fire in the stove, cat purring snoring in my ear from the back of the chair. Programming needs done, emails need answered, and this story isn't finishing itself...
torn world

Yay! Finished a story!

"Everberries" is a monster story for me, topping out at 4700 words, but I'm very pleased with this one. I won't be able to share it for a while, but I think you'll like it when I do.

That's all. I just had to share...