March 3rd, 2011


Still mending...

The jellyfish tried to rally last night, and my sleep was really scattered and unpleasant as I tried not to let them drown me. I still have a lowgrade fever, and I feel kitten-weak and trembly. But the pain is still almost entirely gone, thank heavens, and the congestion is receding. I may have won this round with the lung jellyfish, and can breathe without setting off coughing fits.

Now, I'm looking around at everything that I've gotten behind on, and I'm a little scared. O.o How can three measly days of sick mean this much of a backlog? *sighs* Back to the grind!

I am hopeful that I will feel well enough today to go in to the post office - I have several packages to mail, and five or six packages that should be waiting for me that I am dying to get! I'm going to take it rather slowly, though, and start with a shower and see if that makes me need a nap...

ETA: Not going to push it to the post office today. Shower, nap, and we'll see how the afternoon pans out. Last thing I want is a relapse of this.