February 26th, 2011



I feel like my icon, but with snow.

We spent several hours clearing the driveway, and it is now beautiful and passable! Which is good, because when the weather service says 'plummeting temperatures', they mean business. Like a 65 degree drop today! (+20 to -45!!)

As I came back in from snow-clearing, I found that a site database had been hacked, and I had to scramble to do spot control on that. Several malicious files deleted, database passwords changed, and I think everything is properly back online now. We can hope. I have a few larger plans for minimizing the damage they can do if this happens again, but it's a lengthy and detailed process that I'm going to tackle next week. I shall be vigilant, in the meantime.

My neck is killing me, but not as badly as I feared, the way it felt last night. I took a muscle-relaxer before bed, and I think it did a lot of good.

I will be jumping in on Muse Fusion for a few hours tomorrow - they look like they're having so much fun without me! http://community.livejournal.com/torn_world/61738.html