February 17th, 2011



Intermittent Internet problems became less Intermittent, and I spent all morning this morning on the phone with support trying to make them go away. We shall see if it worked - my modem is now... differently set up, but my synching is still below normal. Or something. After a few hours of technical jargon and a few billion set up screens, it all blurs together. I have Internet for now and I'm grateful for that much. We'll see if it holds.

I have the delightful dilemma at Torn World of having to decide what to put up. Usually, I post 'what we've got', but right now, we've got several weeks worth approved - maybe a full month at one item a day. Do I post two thing for a while? Or guard them jealously for future slim times? Artwork, today? Or a poem? How much of the recent postings are subscriber-only, should I dig for something public? Really, not a bad spot to be in...

I did get some creative work accomplished while on Internet grayout: one commission is finished, a PA submitted description is finished, another commission is in the 'I hate it and must keep working on it' stage, I finished edits to 'Crazy' and blocked in more bits of 'The Visit,' which required working on the article that outlines education and occupation in the Empire, and... was there something else? I thought there was, but can't think of it now.

Sketch Fest is tomorrrrrrow! I fiddled with the site some more, working out how to get the comment counts correct. WHY I have to do it the way I figured out, I'm not sure, but it works now. Remember that today is your last day to buy any of these available sketches! Support the site AND get a nifty piece of original work (or a print... read the descriptions!).

And now, in part because I have a large surprise doctor's bill that the insurance company is refusing to fully cover, I am back to the salt mines of programming... using my Internet that will please, please play nice so I don't have to BEAT it with a maul. I have some features to fix at Commission-Control, and a freelance project of some complexity. I suspect a late worknight tonight.

Sketch Fest Improvements

(Some of them you can use Right Now!)

  • Firstly, the Prompts page no longer takes a hundred years to load. This is a big, big plus!
  • All site supporters can add up to 15 prompts now! Those of you considering supporting the site, you now get extra super incentive to do so. :) The free level is 5, still, while we test the prompts page during this next Sketch Fest.
  • Supporters who leave prompts when they are logged in get a shiny gold star by their names. Seriously, you people make this site happen! Your prompts should get a little extra love! (If you should be listed as a supporter and aren't, lemme know.)
  • You can claim old artwork! This will allow you to edit them, and upload a finished piece, and they'll show up in your gallery. PLEASE NOTE: This system has no checks on it other to make sure you're logged in, so it is by the honor system. Why anyone would claim work that wasn't theirs? I don't know. But if they do, I'll lock the system down in a heartbeat. Just so you're warned.

Find all the awesome features at Sketch Fest site! Brought to you... by you!

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