February 11th, 2011


Fridaily with stuff. #abstract #artwork

Business as Usual:

Dear brain: please stop having so many awesome ideas. I can't keep up.

Remember to submit 'wind' themed work for EMG-Zine... this is a tougher than usual subject for artwork especially, but I know you guys have something that would work. C'mon... flowy hair? A tree bending in a strong wind? Leaves blowing around?

Working on the artist end of Commission-Control this morning - I need to add some refinement to the categories options so that the gallery isn't a tangled mess to browse. That won't matter at first, but it makes a big hairy difference later. (She says sagely, having learned her lessons well...)

While I'm at it, I will probably be adding some better browsing to PA, using similar bits of code. It's ridiculous that you can only search one category at a time...

To Do:

ACEOs to mail today - many of them!!
freelance site progress
1 commission finished, 1 worked on.
20 emails. AT LEAST
Retirement check
Call for appt.
Edit Darkening Skies

Artsy Fartsy:

Have an older swirly, because I have nothing new to show off. 6x8, oil on canvas board. For sale, because I am a scaly capitalist who wants to buy more paints (I still have no Paynes Gray in acrylic! *weeps*):

Into the fray go I!

Commission Control update

More work completed on the Commission-control site. The terms of agreement are up at the artist end of things, gallery uploading is working (if you accept terms), categories are thoroughly refined and broken up into sections, and my admin tools are all in place. Artists, please go accept the terms and make sure it properly lets you start putting work up!

Next up? The public end of the galleries...