January 28th, 2011



I've totally frakked up the Sketch Fest site trying to make the prompts page load at something greater than seriously slow... scrambling to learn some new tools and get it fixed - or at least limping forward - within the next 45 minutes. Wish me luck.

ETA: OH HOLY HELL. All my sites are down now. Timing, you are NOT awesome...

Fridaily with Sketch Fest, new story and stomping

By the time I actually post this, Sketch Fest will be open! Go leave some prompts, and join us for 24 hours of sketching madness! http://ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/

Unfortunately, none of the goodies I wanted to have ready for this one have worked out. Sometimes, the coding wins. I have some new tools in my box, but I couldn't get them implemented in time. The prompts page is SERIOUSLY slow to load once we start getting into around a hundred prompts, so I'm capping people at 5, and putting this at the top of priorities list. I shall probably work on it for a while off at a temp site instead of sketching, much as I would like to be arty, too. Maybe the programming gods will smile on me and I'll get this untangled and working shortly....

Over at Torn World, I had a new story posted yesterday, The Last Walk. Ysabet's related story, Leaves in a Bitter Wind went up today. Bring tissues. This ties up (for now) the Itadesh fire storyline.

Now, I am going to put some more wood on the fire and pound this frakking code into shape.


It's an urgh and argh kind of day. I've ALMOST got the sketch fest improvements done, but there's one pesky, tiny little problem that requires a helluva lot more work, and I've already well overrun my allotted coding time AND most of my sketch time, and have no sketches to show for it, which makes me stompy and grumpy. I'm hanging up my coat for now, chopping some more wood for the fire, taking a shower, and going out for a movie with a friend.

Hopefully, I'll get some sketching in afterwards, and the code will cooperate. I fear it's going to take some more unpicking than I'd like, which should probably be done at at time when Sketch Fest isn't running... it is working for now, if somewhat slowly. The new page(s) will be quite sweet, substituting a whole lot of nested looping queries with one single query. But it does mean a new way to record the unregistered users. Who thought it would be nice to allow unregistered participants? Oh, that was me. *facepalm* And I didn't think far enough ahead to set them up seamlessly, so I'm going to need to do some database manipulation, which is always a little stressful.

Urgh, I say!

(But hey, I did learn about LEFT JOIN today, and count() and a few other neat tricks. Plus lots of ways not to use them...)

FYI - Sketch Fest interruption

Dreamhost is doing a planned rolling outage through their sites. Sketch Fest may disappear for about 15 minutes, and appears to be down right now. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and reappear very quickly!!

ETA: It may be back up - I was able to upload a few pieces, but it's being sluggish again. I am about to fall into bed, so hopefully it will behave for those of you still sketching! See you in the morning!