January 11th, 2011

torn world

Muse Fusion, today!

Today, Torn World creators are jamming to your prompts and questions! Got a question? Is there an aspect of Torn World you'd like to see more of? Is there a social issue you feel is under-represented in science fiction and fantasy? Our world is diverse enough to incorporate just about anything you suggest, so bring us a prompt and see what we do with it - there is no obligation to join Torn World or know the setting already. In some ways, it's like a Q&A session, but resulting in poetry, fiction or art! You always get to see what's created from your prompt, even if it's reserved for supporters at our site.


We'll be jamming all day today and closing prompts when I get up tomorrow morning. Help keep us going with your ideas and suggestions! (It really does mean the world to me when you guys get involved, even just to leave a drive-by prompt. :))

I will be making everything I do public today (once it gets through the canon board), but am accepting general donations if you feel so moved.

Also, do weigh in on the issue of Sketch Fest prizes: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1147991.html


Fizzling a bit on Fusion today, but I've managed a poem and half a story so far. Shall tackle it again with gusto after lunch. I need to do some tax things today, and clean the house.

My wrist feels better today - I've been icing and wearing a brace, and both make it feel considerably better. I shall try being nice to it, and if it's all better by the time the doctor's appointment comes around, I can cancel with no harm done. And if it's not 100%, I'm going in for a second look. Because I'm not messing around with my drawing hand...

Nom. Starving now - lunchtime!