January 9th, 2011


Sketch Fest Wrap Up

I've just done the last closures on the site (folks have 24 hours after Sketch Fest to wrangle their scanners and files), and WOW.

For our 9th Sketch Fest, we had 57 artist participants and 239 sketches, blowing our last records out of the water! I haven't counted prompts or prompters, but there were a bunch. :)

The improvements this round included: the fabulous CSS that April provided to make the site look less blah! Account editing. Artist pages show a brief bio and webpage link. Some cleanup to the header, including a link to your own page, and the option to log out. The ability to comment on a prompt without claiming it, so you have a way to track your claims and prompts that interested you but weren't committed to, yet. (Things you comment on and/or claimed show on your own page.) And, the comments email actually sends the comment you get, not just a vague notification.

Next month, we've got enough in the kitty to fix up more in the comments emails, do some pagination on the walls, and simplify the prompts page so that it doesn't take so long to load. If I haven't run out of paid time finishing that, I intend to add a script that will let us upload pictures from old Sketch Fests and claim sketches you might have uploaded without being logged in.

If you're thinking about finishing one of your sketches and would like some peer critique on your WIP, remember that you can bring them by the EMG forum!

The next Sketch Fest is January 28-29!

(Hm. I need a Sketch Fest icon...)